Previous Events.

So the PC version just dropped some days ago and i noticed that we have missed several Mission Pass events. One of them was the first one with a outfit i actually wanted from Quna. Is it possible to have the events roll out again or manage to get the outfits in another way for us PC players?

I agree, they should extend all the events.

I just got on and got the bonus pack or whatever that lets me get bonus items off the seasonal pass but... The pass is about to end. On top of needing more than just the weekend (that I lost because of the game's horrible distribution method) there's no way I can get anything good off the pass. It's very frustrating.

Indeed, i don't mind putting some cash into scratchers to get the armor, but can we have previous mission pass items in some sort of way?

Theyll come back in different ways. Unless its a collab.