Highest Damage You've Done In 1 Hit?

This includes multi-hit skills, but what's the highest damage you've done to one critter in one hit?

I have a bow attack (the name escapes me) where I float into the air, distort the air into a powerful shot, and fire.

I'm level 26, the skill is level 7, and I'm using a Longbow+5. And against the 4-legged robots in the Tunnels, I do 11,000 damage.

Considering every other skill was doing around 3K to 5K damage with my Sigalga Katana +26; I was surprised.

My highest is 351k with positron blast so far.

298k from an advanced assault after a chain attack

17-19k on a level 63ish boss as 55 Summoner with a level 85 Wanda. (Using Summoner's Mark, with starter harmonizer +20) Was on a weakpoint, was a normal attack that cost no PP. (Was a crit.)

210k as a summoner with synchro. It was a stars aligning moment with a debuffed urgent mission boss, a full combo attack, and a lucky crit.

324,228. Satellite aims on a 70 chain with various boosts and buffs in sh on a weak point while critting.

973,850 using Namegid. Granted this was in an extreme quest where the enemy not only had a weakness to dark, but the round also had boosted dark damage, and the weak spot was hit with blight bullet. Normally it does around 450-500k.

1.6m on Luther's face... Maron bomb, summoner.

218k with the Katana Combat finishing move against Dark Falz UQ at level 68

364k with jetsweep kick as a tech bouncer(bo/fi) I hope other bouncers can post their numbers so i know im doing acceptable damage;;;

467547 with Jet boots Jetsweep Kick on Bo/hu, 489791 on Bo/Fi after getting my hp dropped below 25%.

999,999 (capped out) with Jetsweep Kick lul. Depends on what you're hitting. 😛 Currently only have a homura but highest I've hit on rockbear in damage calc is 567k.

The 999k was in LQ on the last boss of area two, the bug thing. Also the AIS during Magatsu lol. Both very easy to get high numbers on, though LQ has damage cap. 😛

Try hitting an AIS core in Mining Base UQ's lawl.


The cap is 9,999,999. Even if NA still has the old visible cap of 999,999... You can still do 9,999,999. You can see it in the player records and the highest dmg dealt section.

1.2 mill or so

I'll sacrifice myself as the village idiot of this thread and say,

Over 9000...