Highest Damage You've Done In 1 Hit?

This includes multi-hit skills, but what's the highest damage you've done to one critter in one hit?

I have a bow attack (the name escapes me) where I float into the air, distort the air into a powerful shot, and fire.

I'm level 26, the skill is level 7, and I'm using a Longbow+5. And against the 4-legged robots in the Tunnels, I do 11,000 damage.

Considering every other skill was doing around 3K to 5K damage with my Sigalga Katana +26; I was surprised.

My highest is 351k with positron blast so far.

298k from an advanced assault after a chain attack

17-19k on a level 63ish boss as 55 Summoner with a level 85 Wanda. (Using Summoner's Mark, with starter harmonizer +20) Was on a weakpoint, was a normal attack that cost no PP. (Was a crit.)

210k as a summoner with synchro. It was a stars aligning moment with a debuffed urgent mission boss, a full combo attack, and a lucky crit.

324,228. Satellite aims on a 70 chain with various boosts and buffs in sh on a weak point while critting.

973,850 using Namegid. Granted this was in an extreme quest where the enemy not only had a weakness to dark, but the round also had boosted dark damage, and the weak spot was hit with blight bullet. Normally it does around 450-500k.

1.6m on Luther's face... Maron bomb, summoner.

218k with the Katana Combat finishing move against Dark Falz UQ at level 68

364k with jetsweep kick as a tech bouncer(bo/fi) I hope other bouncers can post their numbers so i know im doing acceptable damage;;;