[FIX] circumvent most of the technical issues and still install the game to any drive you want without using any permission tricks or even PSO2 Tweaker or other community fixes

IMPORTANT: Uninstall any and all store apps in ModifiableWindowsApp and shut down any running apps running out of ModifiableWindowsApp

Additional note: This will likely not resolve any NP errors, those are related to Gameguard

Step 1: Install something, anything from the microsoft store to C : this is just to establish the directory structure of C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps ( you probably already have this directory )

Step 2: Download https://sourceforge.net/projects/symlink-creator/ its a tool that will let you trick windows into thinking its writing data to (C:\your directory here) but in reality will be writing to wherever you tell it to with this program

Step 3: Run the tool as an administrator and in the top drop down box choose "Directory Symbolic Link (/D)"

Step 4: In the (Source Target): box press browse and select the folder ModifiableWindowsApps in C : at C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps

Step 5: Go to the drive you want the game to be installed to and create a folder named "ModifiableWindowsApps" in that location, if you already have one there or some version of that, delete it.

Step 6: In the Destination (Link): box select the folder ModifiableWindowsApps on the drive where you created it in step 5

Step 7: Click "Create Link" at the bottom of the program and confirm the next window that will ask you to say yes to replace the folder.

Reinstall PSO 2 and create a shortcut to the game by dragging the app icon for PSO2 to your desktop or wherever you want and launch by that link as administrator from now on, and you should not have anymore issues.

Please note that using PSO2 tweaker while using this method will likely break your game and will not work anyway

everything still working as intended through multiple sessions and restarts

Im gonna give this a shot. Do I use the default directory to install the game (C)? The issue I think I will run up to is that it is going to download the base 11 GB in my SSD that barely has that much free space and when it starts to download the rest something will end up broken. Honestly I have downloaded this game so many times that I am no longer mad at it. This turned to a matter of "I will run this game one way or the other"

@RoshiNorix if you do this correctly it wont actually be installing it on C it will only think that its doing that, this is the point : p

uhh, I may have autismed a little, and reversed the directory order xD, so if it still fills up your C drive just switch the two box entries for the directories xD