Nox Placis (jet boots)

purchase the Nox Placis in the rising weapon shop 1. req. is tech def. 425 my tec. def is 982 yet the weapon cant be equipped please help.

Are you a bouncer or a techter? If yes when you look at the weapon it should say. Req TEC Def 425 (Current value: XXX)

XXX is whatever you have.

In the same boat as a techter, needs 425 have 389. The nox wand of course, not the boots. Is there a way to raise base t-def via units? So far it seems like levels are the only thing(aside from mags) increasing the def stats, and I'd rather keep my mag offensive.

@Baxna7087 Base stats (ie. those used to equip things) include your race/gender stats, you main and subclass level stats, your Mag, any Stat-Up Skills from your Skill Trees, and the lv75 Title Bonuses.

Unless you are already at lv75/75, it is just a matter of being patient and leveling; eventually you should be able to equip almost everything. If you are already at lv75/75, then you need to get the lv75 Title Bonuses:

alt text

@AndrlCh definitely not 75/75 lol like 57/4x thanks much for the info! I guess levels it is

after posting this like 2 days later i was able to equip it but im a bouncer and my tech at the time was over 600

@Kami-Drathan Hard numbers, even if you are a lv75/75 Bouncer/Force Female Newman (the combination with the highest TEC-Def possible in the game), your base TEC-Def (not counting any Weapons, Units, Rings, or Augments) would only top at 599 without also having Summoner's lv75 Title Bonus. Remember, the stats you see on the Character Status page are your total stats (which includes base stats, Weapons, Units, Rings, and Augments), and are not what you should be looking at for equipment requirements.

ahhh i see then that would explain it. thank you for letting me know.