[M] CAST Searching for parts...

Hey everyone!

I've been searching for a certain set on the marketplace on PC version for quite some time. I have been unable to locate this set anywhere except for one person wearing it, and they didn't respond to my whispers/mail unfortunately. If anyone could help me, or would like to trade/sell me this item, I would be in infinite appreciation.

Set I'm searching for: Melder (https://bumped.org/psublog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Melder-Series.jpg)alt text

If ANYONE can tell me where to get this set, where to buy it, or where to earn it. I would be so grateful. I am on Ship 02. My character name is Raijin, I am a Braver/Hunter M-CAST. Thanks in advance.

It was in the Season 2 Pass, just another thing that PC players weren't able to get; assuming if they don't screw the pooch and cuck us out of even more cosmetics, it may come back through Fresh Finds, or an AC scratch of some sort.

Believe me, this is the only CAST set I want too.

@Levison Ah, alright. Well, thank you for your reply. I'm glad I can at least rest easy knowing where the piece came from. Man, feels terrible. They usually will re-roll items through AC or something, but yeah. We totally got jipped.