Newman, the best race!

@Pulptenks don't pull things out of your aft biological ventilation system.

I like Newman fine, I think theyre cute, at least the ones with the not overly long ears. but I don't like them better than humans. in the end which is better depends on the character I have in mind.

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Space, Elf.

And there's the problem. 😛

Before Online newmans - numans - were actually a unique concept. Sure the alluded connection to musk cats made them somewhat catgirls but they didn't look it.

Nei levelled up quickly, acted first almost every turn (until you got the final party member, if you used her), had the highest evasion and was your main source of attacking twice per turn in the early game. Excluding Rudo who has no TP, she is also the worst party member for techniques, learning just four with none unique and with poor stats for it. And to note, the other seven characters were all human.

Rika followed much the same archetype - fast, evasive, exclusively used twin claws which sadly disappeared entirely from Online 2, limited techniques that focused on support. Despite that she also equipped heavier armour. She did get a little more of Amy's repertoire (namely Deban(d) and the Sar line of party heals which Online onwards merged into Resta) but her technique stats were still poor contrasted with anyone who wasn't a pure attacker (two androids, a motavian and a dark falz). The dezorian and all five humans had better technique stats than her, and excepting Alys for obvious reasons they all had a bigger library of techniques too.

Neither Nei nor Rika could attack with techniques at all.

I've said it several times over the years, but what numans used to be were much closer to beasts from Universe than the newmans of today. Yes HUnewearl bridged the gap but Online suddenly decided to give newmans primarily horizontal ears and a technique-focused stat line, and then Universe gave them freaking space bow and arrows. Phantasy Star still pretends melee newmans are a thing from time to time (such as one of the characters in the original intro) but really they're just space elves now.

Yes, just space elves, the kind you find in other sci-fi fantasy series. They were changed from something novel to something generic and their history was forgotten. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why that's meant to be a good thing.

I find it a very good thing that all the races are essentially humans. I mean, that's not how it HAS to be in every setting but its refreshing someone finally did it.

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Yet, Newman still got best Technic stats. Which defeat all of this because it's a fact.

thank god NGS got rid of this, so all races have the same stats.