Accidentally used Tri Boost 100% too soon...

Hi all - I have been searching around, but can't seem to find a definitive answer on this... I was trying to move a Tri Boost 100% to storage, but accidentally clicked Use. I read somewhere that these only drop as campaign completion awards (I may be misinterpreting that). Does this mean only a certain number of these would drop per character?

Your triboost doesn't tick down unless you jump down into the quest/mission transport of the gateway ship. It stops its timer when in the lobby.

Triboosts like that c an be obtained through ARKS Missions as well. The Daily Gauge also maxes at 50% triboost, and the effect can be kept that high by continuing to do the daily three COs after it hits max. Also, AI Partners count toward a triboost bonus, smaller than real people though.

You can also get Triboost +50% consumables from ARKS Badge: Blue.

I would say, don't worry, because you will get ALOT of them. Many from just playing the game, e.g , titles, many from tier mission gold pass-if you want to spend $5 or something for that. But if you want to put the booster to good use, just stay on the ship until an urgent quest such as cradle of darkness, or rampaging dragons, or the new current one "wind and the rain" or something in the forest. Or VHAQ or SHAQ. Because you will get faster experience from these game modes.

Thanks all!

One more thing I just found out about. If you used a triboost/EXP/rare drop booster, but then want to PAUSE the timer on these boosters, you can do so by going to the medical terminal or npc, buying a potion BUT select the box at the top that says pause. This way you can go into a zone to do gathering or complete client orders, and save the boosts for when you are in a leveling group.