Starting Over on a different ship....

I am thinking about starting over on a different ship I just hit lvl 19 as a hunter. Can some one tell me what doesn't transfer between characters and such Due to the fact that Ship 2 just seems to crowded at the moment and I would like a place with a lower population so I can enjoy the game with out all the lag. I know I had used some of the storage tickets that I got with the sonic collection but I thinks thats about it.

The things that do transfer or go between each ship/server are...

  • Whether or not you've completed the prologue. (Allowing to skip it.)
  • Premium Status
    • Personal Quarters / Room Status (But not room size/what's in them/etc.) (OiaVilet's Room / Ship 1 Room, both using "A" Layout.)
    • Storage Rentals (But not what's in them. IE: Material Storage.)
  • Premium/Cross-Character Currencies
    • SG
    • FUN
    • AC
  • Mission Pass Progression (And What Claimed Rewards You Chose)
    • Gold Pass Status
  • Emotes
  • Titles, and if you've claimed the reward for the title, or not.
    • Stat Boosts from Titles (Level 75 Titles)
  • Ticket-Based Accessories/etc. that you've used twice to unlock cross-character. (Oia Vilet for comparison.)

Oia Vilet and her storage:

alt text

Alt character on Ship 1, freshly made, to show that storage/inventory isn't cross-ship:

alt text