Stuck in Main Screen

I'm all out of ideas, any of you guys know how to fix this? I've tried using the Tweaker troubleshooting and it doesn't have any effect.

when I start up PSO2, only black screen shhow up but I can hear the SEGA audio, and then after the blackscreen it goes to this picture but no Press Enter Key.

there are times that the "Press Enter Key" show up but still stay on this picture.


HEY!! If anyone sees this guys post i have the exact same issue!!

I'll be on this screen and it doesn't SHOW press enter for it to work.

Anyone know any possible fixes for this SPECIFIC issue?!?!?!?

I had the exact same issue.

I'm in now and have left it overnight and tried this morning and it's still going into the game

Gonna bump this topic for a solution someone gave me on discord and it works for me, for viewers who are still having trouble with blank/black screen please try these steps:

  1. Tweaker > Troubleshooting button > File Check > New Method
  2. Install DirectX 9 from this link ( and if that doesn't work use this instead (
  3. Restart your computer to ensure that nothing PSO2 related is still running