Bouncer/Summoner build

I am new. So I watch a number of youtube video and find a build for bouncer and copy that.

As for my sub-class. I picked Summoner, but have no idea what skill to get.

I made the following:

I am wondering if you guys can take a look and see if it works or not.

Summoner as a subclass requires a lot of upkeep since you need to be constantly apply Summoner's Mark to get the most out of your damage, but if it is what you want to run with, I just have a few things to add since you have 24 SP still available for your build: take the full 5 SP into Pet Elemental Precision Hit (it gives you an extra 5% damage when you are matching Element, which you will be doing with Jet Boots), the full 10 SP into HP Mega Up, and the other 9 SP into HP Restorate. Other than that, you pretty much got all the Skills that you would be using for a Summoner subclass.

thank you AndrlCh. That is very helpful. I will used that extra sp as recommended.

I am going to switch over to Phantom when I get that unlock:)

Phantom is not currently in the NA version, so just keep in mind that it will be a while until you can switch over to it.

oh, that is good to know. I thought the deal was, we get everything that Japan had in the pass 10 years of this game...

They are slowly releasing everything with the intention of being caught up to JPN by the end of the year.

I guess I will just have to wait until MS fix this game atm. I just find out, the game uninstall itself again after shutting down my computer for the night. Is the 3rd time this has happen. Not planning to reinstall again.

Thank you for all your help AndrlCh