PSO full download on website ?

Just thinking, why pso could not just have their game donwload on the website itself ?

They don't have it here because everything is tied to a Microsoft Account. They can't bind it to a Microsoft Account by releasing it through their site. When the Microsoft Exclusivity ends, they might be able to release it on their own site, though. They have to do everything Microsoft's way, though, because they are the ones that funded this NA release.

But Halo too is microsoft bind and still on steam. But ok I understand thank for enlighten me at the subject I was wondering and cannot find answer on net. Hope they will fix it, im tire to xfer the game from my other hardisk every day. ( It uninstall even during im playing lol )

@Ragnawind Um... bs. You log in to the game after you launch it. I can launch the game right now and log into whatever account I can without doing anything to the microsoft store. All that matters is the account I buy stuff in the microsoft store is the same one want to play with.