Draw distance for other players

Is there any way to increase the draw distance so party members aren't constantly disappearing.

I'm pretty sure there is somewhere in the settings, though I can't recall the specific one. I have mine way low so I have to get inconveniently close to others before they appear.

Can anyone who actually recalls answer this?

It's either done through the game launcher OR on the title screen options.

@DistortedAura1 No, it suxs. people will always disappear on you after 10 feet.

I really don't understand why the draw distance is so short. The X-Box One should be able to handle much further draw distance and I just want to be able to snipe things on the Floating Continent map.

@Grave-Knight Probably a leftover setting from their CBT that they never changed much like most of the haphazardly done stuff