CPU Ussage

Any one else having this problem where the game is eating up a huge Chunk of CPU usage? I can play alot of games at high specs and my CPU never gets as hot as 77 Fahrenheit when I play league of legends and other games It stays around 40-60.

yep happens to me after pso2 doesn't start.. it will slowly become sluggish.. ended formatting the ssd and hdd.. did try full scan of windows defender, malwarebytes, rogue_killer and super antispyware found nothing. tried the chkdsk to find errors nothing.. did the sfc /scannow no problems or integrity found.. 😞

@GcKkz I am just wondering why this game is using up as much resources as a game like total war where my rig has to render thousands of small little men killing each other seems odd for a game that is six years old.

Also if any one was interested this is how my CPU usage looks like when idle in the lobby.


That's insane!

@NekoLilly lol you wouldn't happen to have a fix would ya?