AC Exhange Tickets option to BUY AS GIFT in microsoft store!

Today I bought two gift cards (for the value of 10$ each) and redeemed it into Microsoft Store and bought through there a 1000AC and 500AC Exchange Tickets... But all mistakenly in the wrong account...

Now I have 20 bucks stuck into an account that is not my Xbox Account.... Microsoft support chat clearly stated to me that balances between accounts is not transferable.

Is it possible that the PSO2 NA staff sets the AC Exchange Tickets item addon from Microsoft Store to buy it as a gift? That way I can obtain it, plus people can buy them as a gift for friends!

I opened a ticket and still no answer, same as with way more important problems that other people are experiencing.

Next update from the staff is due to 10 June!! But maintenance goes every Wednesday!!!

I'll stay in JP servers, goodbye.