CBT is now over a quick look back!

Now that the Close Beta has come to an end we have seen some ups and downs! with that being said how far did everyone get? what class did you decide to choose? what lvl did you stop at? etc etc.. share your thoughts! ^_^/

I'm soooo glad I got a XBox One in 2019, I mainly got it so I could play Halo again. But when they announced PSO2 at E3, I was beyond happy. So glad to be a part of the beta, and glad to play with you guys.

Lv. 25 gunner/hunter. Loved the beta can’t wait for release.

Level 48 Fo/Te with a Psycho Wand +10 here. It was a blast.

@ShinobuRaiu you made a good choice! lol i had picked up an xbox just for this!

Got to the underground mines. Around level 40-ish. Fi/Hu for my main class.

What about you @SeijinNoboru ?

Had a great time, wish i had more time! Open beta is gonna be fun

I got to level 38 but I was an eighth of the EXP bar from level 39. I chose to be a Deuman Hunter with Fighter as my subclass. I had a lot of fun especially nearing the end of the Closed Beta when I finally visited my Alliance's Quarter I had some fun shenanigans with the members that were there. The biggest complaint I have is that the "EMERGENCY!" girl got annoying real fast because I got a subquest or whatever they're called during expeditions every other minute.

@SeijinNoboru Overall, well done. I would like to thank you for the game. Surprised it played so well with turn out and first test. My experience was nostalgic, exciting and fun. Anxious to play more!

@SeijinNoboru I got to 26 with my Hunter. I am very curious how you unlock the next difficulty because even at 26 all the areas I could access were a breeze

Ok, I am gonna use the Quick Reply feature since the forum's main reply/preview option is bugged for my browser. But I played a summoner and collected 12 of the 25 pets. I even got one to max level 70 and a few not far behind. I look forward to collecting the rest, truly testing out the casino, trading off all the high level loot I got from the Urgent quests, making 2 more characters.... and yeah sadly STARTING OVER COMPLETLY because I accidentally reset my save data on the console. Sorry a little bitter about that last one.

I got a lvl 40 bouncer and a lvl 20? healer which I'll change up later lol I really enjoyed the gameplay but something different I enjoyed was the social part because I'm more of a solo player so the concert and dancing around when the beta ended was really fun. Can't wait for more but wish I could change my race because I went human and by the end wanted to be a gundam XD.

@F0XB0MB I had FI/HU lvl 53 and lvl 45. mag lvl 145. held over 1.5 million meseta. cleared all main quest and a few side quest as well.

Didn't have nearly as much time as I wanted to commit so I only got to like 25 or something. Overall very pleased with the experience, hopefully OBT is as successful.

@SeijinNoboru said in CBT is now over a quick look back!:

@F0XB0MB I had FI/HU lvl 53 and lvl 45. mag lvl 145. held over 1.5 million meseta. cleared all main quest and a few side quest as well.

I didn't know how to get my mag until I was higher level. So my mag was only around level 50 or so. xD

Felt like I was close to completing the main quest. Story definitely picked up the further you got.