Problem with the launcher not loading after PC is restarted or turned off

Hey guys. I really hate that my very first post on here is a negative one... was really hoping it would have been a good one but to get to the point, I have been having some trouble with the MS store launcher for the game. It was working just fine after I downloaded the game Wednesday night then all of a sudden when I come to play the game the next day the launcher stopped working. It won't even let me uninstall it to try a re-install, so I end up having to completely go into the files and delete everything just so I can get it to download the game once again which then it works but if I restart my PC or turn it off for the evening the launcher doesn't work again. All my other desktop shortcuts and links all work just fine. Just the MS store PSO2 doesn't. Also, when this happens Tweaker doesn't load the NA version of the game as well but will load JP just fine. Just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me how it was resolved. Thanks. So frustrated right now!! ><

I had the same problem. I got around it by starting the game in window mode.

Hmm I see, OK ill give it a shot. Thanks

My game just deleted itself again. sigh

Oh wait, it's another admin access issue

@Hownztooth lol I haven't had that issue yet... Almost wish I did so I could simply re-download the game because my issue is that once I turn my PC off I can't do anything with NA version AT ALL! >< but I will try the windowed lunch in tweaker to see if it works.