Second Character Can't Get Subclass

So, I created a second char on server 2, my main char is in the 50's, when second char hit 20, nothing appeared for the subclass quest, nor can I select a subclass, please advicepso2.jpg as you can see, the char is at lvl 23 and there s no subclass option

@AlwaysATryhard3 Cofy should have the subclass permit client order, requiring you to kill 2 beasts. I'd suggest restarting (to be sure) and checking out her client order list, as well as your own, you may have already accepted it.

@Stretcharach yeah, that was the first thing i tried, didnt work

Did you exit the gateway ship into the arks lobby, or exit the shopping area from the east first floor elevator or the second floor middle elevator?

Cofy should stop you in the middle of the arks lobby with an unskippable talk dialogue saying something to you when you hit level 20 on the alt character. Then you will get the client order:

alt text

The above picture is with my alt character who just turned level 20. It's not possible to get the client order without her stopping you / talking to you first in the middle of the lobby. Since that sets the flag for the client order.

And just in case, here's a screenshot of my character select screen with my main at 98 hours play time selected:

alt text

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@AlwaysATryhard3 said in Second Character Can't Get Subclass:

@coldreactive yeah, tired every exit

Did you also do the gateway ship exit method after completing a quest? Not just exiting it during a quest / abandoning one.

@coldreactive This is what I did when the same thing happened during my 3rd character. I leveled up a bit faster and I hadn't done the other quest yet from her. After I ran the other quest and did a fast one when I got the pause and talk dialogue. Let us know how it goes.

@ERICK001BC still nothing, i dont understand

So, weird thing. I googled the same topic because I'm having the exact same issue and this post came up. I literally just resolved my situation by ... talking to Afin. He had no quest logo or anything but because I had already spoken to him on my main, I bypassed that step on my alt. Well when I finally spoke to him on my alt at lvl 21, he opened up his quest chain and, lo-and-behold, Cofy's too, granting me the subclass quest..

@TenAmoeba636325 awesome, that worked, tysm