Hello! My friend Damien and I grew up playing PSU and spent many years on the JP servers playing PSO2. We have been waiting for this launch for years, and we are glad it is finally here! That being said, we need some people to play with, and we wanted to start an alliance to help new/returning players learn and catch up to everyone else.

If you like the following things, this alliance is for you: -Good humor -Fun -Efficient gameplay (Fast leveling, fast UQ/EQ clears, etc) -Lot's of information at your disposal -Help leveling and learning -Guides for your build/class -Active voice chats

I would be happy to take on xbox and pc players alike, and there is NO discrimination allowed. We will all use Xbox parties or discord, whichever works best for the individuals we play with, and we will promote a healthy, drama free atmosphere 🙂 If you're interested please contact me!