Levelling tips level 50 and up.

So,I just made it to 50 after playing for 3 days. Any tips on faster levelling past that point? It feels like I'm hitting an EXP wall real bad atm.

As we currently stand, your main option is pretty much just grinding AQs, though you will now also get 400k EXP per day from your Daily ARKS Missions.

@AndrlCh Dang..They aren't doing much for me ATM 😞

VHAQ with high risk and full party, or take your time and wait for Urgents. Leveling post 50 is slow without mission keys (unreleased on NA version for now) because we dont have Tokyo or Magatsu yet.

I would do ARKS Quests on SH an easy one like kill for points to clear.

Specifically, high risk (50) Very Hard Advanced Quest: Facility with a full party, and make sure to go for PSE Bursts. Those give the most EXP. You could level from 50 to 75 within hours.

@Jay6x Thanks!!!!!! Hopefully I can get with a group for that