I wonder if I'm doing this right?


 I just started play a few days ago and chose the force as my first character. I played the Gamecube version of PSO a long time ago when the Force was more of a buff/heal bot in most cases. Playing it now, so much has changed. One of my questions is regarding the elements on the weapons; should I try and set up pallets that match the weapons elemental damage or the Tech Pwr? Another question follows spell range. When playing as a healer/buff bot, I remember Resta/Diband having a pretty far range when buffing groups. Now it seems that I have to be standing right on top of any party member for them to get the benefit. My Force attendant on my Ranger can do a better job of maintaining group buffs and heals. 
 Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Well, first, Force in PSO2 is definitely built to focus far more on the more directly damaging Techs, with PP being far less limited in the long run and elemental resistances, especially ones that leave techs nearly useless, almost absent. As far as matching element between weapons and techs, it only matters with a given skill, and once the said skill is maxed out, the difference will be relatively minor - far more important on that front is to ensure the weapon's elemental attribute is capped and increasing tech power.

Should you be looking for something closer to the PSO1 Force experience, I would suggest the Techter class, far more focused on support Techniques and hitting things with an elementally-charged wand, with more situational or nearly absent offensive tech use depending on build - though it certainly still wants to be hitting things at any time a buff isn't needed.

In both cases, remember to charge your techs whenever possible! Many techs are quite nearly useless uncharged, and that includes support techs, which lose both range and duration uncharged.

Thanks for the information!

Was reading on how sub-classes work and the Techter was the recommended one for Force so will definitely be choosing that. I didn't notice at first that there was a practice area, will be going there to try things out.