(Ship 2: Ur) Blackstars

Hello Everyone!

We are Blackstars! A group of friends and new faces alike. We are looking to add even newer friends to our ranks, as well as help out new players! we are welcoming whether you have all max lvl classes or you haven't even downloaded the game at time of reading! we have people from PSO2 JP, NA Xbox release, and PC that have quickly learned to adapt and ready to teach or join you on your super hard quests. We aren't the largest group but we are hoping this will help us grow! We do not discriminate in any way, shape, or form.

Alliance: Blackstars

Leader: Chan (IGN: chan)

Ship: 2

Location: USA (you don't have to be)

Time zones: Both PST and EST, irregular hours but typically night time.

Our Age Group: 20-45

Playstyle: Casual/New player friendly.

Discord: We do not currently have a discord for the alliance. If we grow in size and becomes a demand we can create one happily!

If you're interested you can message me, post here, or hit me up on Discord! Chan#9038

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