Windows 10 release apparently requires two accounts in order to play: Microsoft Account and Xbox Account.

So I bought two gift cards (for the value of 10$ each) and redeemed it into Microsoft Store and bought throught there a 1000AC and 500AC Exchange Tickets... But ingame I dont receive it since my Microsoft Account is not the same as Xbox Account (which is required to log and play)

Players that want to buy AC must NOT do so through Microsoft Store. So why is it even displayed as an option to buy?

Now I have 20 bucks stuck into an account which doesnt hold my character, nor any Xbox Account.... Microsoft support chat clearly stated to me that balances between accounts is not transferrable. IF ONLY... AC Exchange Tickets were available to BUY AS GIFT...

I am not spending a dime more until I see a workaround to my situation, sorry SEGA :((