OK.. seeing as you guys are just venting at me, I went ahead and decided that my own experience on how I got up and running for PSO2 Might help you as well.

  1. First thing you need to do is - Get all MS Updates For windows. , Cause let's face it.. You don't want to bottle-neck your install of the app when MS decides that you need updates for windows 10.
  2. What I did then was to create a MS account BEFORE downloading the app.. Cause here is what happened to me. Since I already had a MS account , ( One that I don't use anymore), I went ahead and made a NEW one. Keep in mind that AFTER you Start DL with the account you created, Its registered to THOSE credentials... IF you decide that you want change to a Different MS account, then It will require you to start over from square numero uno.!
  3. Download the app, I know that it's 11 Gigs.. and IF it fails.. or you had a power outage. anything that interrupts the DL, I went ahead and RE-DOWNLOADED THE APP, But this time - It was much faster.. It re-wrote where it had left off and soon- It was installing the game.

After that.. I have played ever since.. I sincerely this may be some help for many of you.