Played fine for the first 5 days, all of a sudden wouldn't open, now can't reinstall

As the title says. I was able to play perfectly fine before this, I had no issues installing it and patching it on launch day, and haven't had any issues until yesterday afternoon (May 30th, Saturday). The game just refused to open and after some contemplation I decided to attempt to uninstall and reinstall only to be greeted with a fruitless endeavor.

Has anyone had their game break after being able to play fine at first? Are there any fixes yet?

Same for me i tried uninstall but wont work theb i found the extra files copy but it wont let me delete them even though i gave permission. So now idk how to delete the other files and its taken like 100 gb of space . very disappointing

Try opening in window mode. That fixed the problem for me.

Same problem. Game was fine until earlier in the day, then it suddenly stopped working and had to reinstall. Now i have 200 gigs missing because i can't uninstall the older files from earlier downloads.

I had this problem, to delete all the files you have first to set onwership of the folders to "Everyone", after that then give "Everyone" total control of the folders, that should let you delete them.

@Master-Shredius How did you go about doing that? I'd at least like to get this done.