Thank you...

I am thankful, in the most greatest of ways that I am able to experience a masterpiece of a game like this one.

Unlike all the others that preceded PSO2, were just mere, Uh... How should I call them?, MEH - , Anyway - The game is a bit overwhelming at first, Its the equivalent of going to Disneyland and having the urge to go back, because there was just so much to see and so much do. I especially LOVE the urgent quests, Even IF - I am already adventuring, I will go back and jump in to participate in the "Emergency urgent quest" #SOMUCHPCHYPE #PSO24EVER!

Im wait whis release a few years and now i cant play with "THAT" because it unworkable product ! Uninstalleble / unplayble ! What are devs doing all this years ? For Install and play need be a hacker or programmer ! And this happens in 2020 ! Why no Steam version !? Or other friendly platforms !? This is insult and discrimination ! THANKS !

I don't see it that way. Perhaps, The devs are doing just that, behind the scenes, Working feverishly to polish out the issues.

it's pretty fun now that PC players are here. much better with my friends from jp