Do not attempt a system restore people.

if you try to restore you will brick your pc. Its probably due to the files that were installed that you do not have rights to.

A System Restore shouldn't brick your system because of the game. When a System Restore is performed, it is performed using the SYSTEM user level, which is the same thing as a Super Administrator that has full control over everything on a Windows Partition. The SYTEM account has full control over those files, as well, for the game. If you system gets bricked from a System Restore, there was a problem with your computer's user accounts since before the game was even installed.

I did a system restore and it worked, but i've heard some people are indeed having issues with it.

Aye I tried to do this today and my machine is 2 months old and I left it for 3 hours pc had nothing but dota 2 via steam this and a few mieda apps after 3 hours called a mate and said something wrong had to factory reset this game need to be pulled from the store