My pc is bricked.

Could not recover my pc have to do a factory reset. I have lost alot of stuff from this game. I really hope you assholes get sued. Tell me this is some type of late april fools joke . You people are incompetent. Never in my life have i seen software from microsoft act like malware and brick my god damn computer. You released a game that is destroying peoples operating system that you people designed . You people should all go get new jobs and stay off computers!!

I'm currently doing the same @40% now could not get it to reinstall had no problems till today with launcher but I'm lucky mines not that old just sent my bookmarks to my phone and hit the button it also stopped me from system restore. Sucks as the game is soooo fucking good

its a ploy to get everyone to upgrade to newestversion of windows 10, and if they fail to do so brick their pc so they have to buy a new windows license

@SPLATULATED lol mines done now 🙂 just installing all the updates then gonna try pso again only taken me 10 hours hahaha bit this time nothing else being installed bar that

Personally I think it was a bold move of the lead developer of the Microsoft Store to let his four year old son design the software in his stead.

Lol they will close the servers now and say it's a flop rip the game itself is sooo good but these issues are going to kill it before it started

I think filing a lawsuit and sueing for everything would be a good idea at this point.

I totally reformatted my ssd and its gone for now. I'll consider reinstalling when the lauch issues have been fixed and the game doesn't act like fucking malicious malware.

im pretty sure they gonna fcked up this one again as soon the may update arrived

This post is deleted!

@GcKkz have the confirmed an update ? Not logging out ot turning off PC till its ready