So I gave up luancher crashed after days of working fine after I logged out, then uninstalled the game. To find the microsoft store just said something went wrong on our end. To notice my hard drive space had not been given back. Honestly I'm no computer genius, but that is maddness you can not have this bricking people machines so they have to reset. I'm just hoping this fixes it and I will wait a few weeks till a patch hits with fixes for the file locations launcher and so forth. My machine is no more than 2 months old brought brand new the reviews have tanked because of these issues dispite the game actually being amazing to a point I spent good 140 dollas already but things like this will worry people massively what if they dont have a good knowledge of computers and they put money in to the game. They will see it as a waste I really hope you fix these issues but I've never been more disappointed.

Yes I tried everything possible on the forums and reddit before hitting that big red button the point is all game have issues. But not being able to uninstall a game correctly or locate files or a store that dont remove the core files when uninstalled.

Heres hoping it will be playable, trust me I stick with games just like I did with final fantasy xiv in 1.0 but that never broke my machine.

And to point out I never messed with anything changed files just went to store downloaded and played solid for 2 days to log out and then nothing worked clicked launcher nothing loaded.