App not working.

I have completely installed the client and its as up to date as it can be for the time being. For some reason though recently every time i try to activate the app whether it be as normal or as admin it doesn't activate any processes or anything the entire program just remains unresponsive. I click i double click and nothing opens not the client not anything.

This is what happened to me today do yourself a favor dont mess with anything like I did it just made it worse just wait for a patch or official response. Had no issues for days until today.

This blows. man I've waited 8 years for this release and now im totally disappointed. i hope they give some compensation for these grieving issues.

@Chimaeracrisis it is what it is just trust me dont fuck with it mate, I dont know what the Jpn release was like by why they did not use their own launcher is crazy people cant find files and shit either its fucked and it's the weekend too so no update

This is what led to my problems today. When the game was loading up and it prompts you to load the launcher, i accidentally clicked no. After that, the game would no longer load and even restarting my pc didn't help. I had to uninstall it for the 4th time and reinstall, but doing that made even more files on my pc that i can't get rid of.

I seriously hope this gets fixed. This game is amazing and i want to support it, but right now it's so bug ridden that it's scaring me to keep trying.

Same here; it completely corrupted my Windows Store - now nothing will launch. I'm about to do a charge back for the $60 founders pack I bought. This company will never see another dime fro me.

It's at the point now i can't uninstall for whatever reason.