Missing Data

So i've had to reinstall the game multiple times, and each time i do it's not removing the old files. So now i'm stuck with hundreds of gigs of missing data. Is there plans to fix this? I don't know what to do at this point.

@Algestes I'm just factory resting my pc now thankfully mines only a few months old only losing steam few media tools I could not get the space back either. I'm not knowledgeable enough to get in to everything to fix so nuke time.

I was considering that, are they gonna fix this or should i start getting ready to reset everything?

@Algestes I dont know game been fine for days not had an issue today closed game. Loaded it back up got a full Japanese launcher and then an error then on after, even after double clicking nothing opened then went everywhere trying stuff. Got it to load but could not hit anything to get to my character would just sit on the title screen with no option to hit a key, I could hear the background menu though so it worked just did not change past the title screen the know the background image then I uninstalled and ms store would not let me re install and things just got worse from there. After that I was like fuck this reset time. @15% now I'll let you know what happens.

But they need to fix this asap why did they even put it their when it has it's own launcher.

But dude dont keep fucking with it also would not let me do a system restore either like what my pc not even that old so yeah.

Be careful

It seems the only way to delete the files manually is to give yourself privilege over the app files and doing that can mess up your pc. Really hope SEGA is reading this and can come up with a solution. Factory reset seems like it's the safest and best option.

They need to pull this game from the app store and make it a standalone program so it doesn't have these issues. The app store is so wonky and won't let you uninstall game files.

yep I tried that and did not go to well and honestly shit like that we should not be doing for a game if you get what I mean. Deleting the files and that made it even worse honestly, and the fact it stopped me from doing a system restore was crazy I mean I had about 10 thing on the pc including pso2.

The game should not require players to have a degree in computing.