Stuck on Loading Tunnel Screen after Character Select screen

Playing on Windows 10 PC and everything is updated. Have got into the game and seen the opening movie and can even create characters on any available ship but once I try to start game from the character select screen I'm in an endless Doctor Who loading tunnel screen. I've tried it on Ship 2 and Ship 1 and the longest I've waited is 60 minutes. I've tried it different times of day during different server populations as well but no luck. I have tried file checking, pso2 tweaker, and even clean reinstalling but the issue remains.

How long does this loading screen tunnel typically last? Anyone else having this issue?

I also am having problems with loading tunnel as well as portal being stuck. Also while mining on fever, I get stuck as well. I do not know if its my internet, which is stable I believe.

@Captain-Towers This is also the issue that I am having. I am stuck in the loading screen (tunnel) and it is an unending cycle. Has anyone found a solution for this?