Seldom seen a more un-user friendly experience.

PS: the fact that we are multipe users telling you its a you issue,should ring a bell. Of course its going to be different for everyone,but the simple fact is that its highly subjective. You had issues,we didn't. Doesn't mean they should change it.

Go play WoW then.

Never played WoW either.

Also the fact I get multiple google results from many people having the same questions I do should tell you something.

Again, with the "LOLZ Go Play WOW"-esque comments being highly un-productive, un-helpful and un-analytic. I also call BS on this making sense at first glance. But that's my un-productive commentary.

@Rusey21 I don't care about these 'go play x' comments lol. That's always laughable at best,cringy at worst. Lmfao.

Well the thing is,you clearly had issues,we didn't. I've seen far more people who didn't have issues than people who did. And ONCE AGAIN,for the last time I will say it.


They cannot change it without closing every versions of the game solely to change those menus. They need to change the game's structure for it. They don't have to do that as it works perfectly fine as is,given you aren't lazy and can put in the 2 minutes of work it requires to figure stuff out.

The menus are perfectly fine,you are merely used to the QOL changes from recent gaming,which is ALSO FINE. However to talk as if shit wasn't intuitive is just wrong. It isn't intuitive to YOU anymore,but I had no issues at all navigating them,and the same can be said for a lot of other users. Because we are expecting these old ways of doing things. It an 8 year old game,what else did you expect? They never said they would remake the entire game just for us.

Then it was as badly designed in 2012 as it is now. GW2 was launched the same year and had a very intuitive menu/etc. system. AoC -- lordy, AoC was in 2008, and same deal. Both had things I had quibbles with, but at least the menus made sense, you got your quest rewards automatically without having 2 separate systems for navigating them, it was easy to group with friends and guildmates and the currency made sense. So ... again, what does date have to do with it?

"Work" is not something you should tout in a leisure activity. That's all I'm going to say. Feel free to feel differently, but please don't pretend I'm in the minority here in the western audience.

Ah so you can pretend that you are in the majority though,right? I mean you do have the statistical evidence showing that the majority of players agree with you. Right? You can show those figures now.

Of course you don't,neither do i. You're just kinda lazy to be quite honest. Its not even the end of the world. This discussion is just going in rounds indefinitely because you want to be right and apply your modern logic to this shit. Its alright do,you do you. You do you. On this,I'm out.

I'll go and make use of those so complex menus lol.

This game has some of the simplest menu of modern MMOs, this guy is just trolling

@Shirokami07 Or he is just REALLY dumb. I am sorry but I cannot see any cases where it would need to be googled how to invite someone to your friend list in PSO2 lmfao. I don't even want to be an ass,but damn.

Japanese MMOs have always been menu-heavy and a bit convoluted when it comes to certain systems. FFXI is crazier than PSO2 (in my opinion at least). Even FFXIV has its share of submenu management to a degree. It just comes with the territory for a Japanese MMO and that’s something I have come to expect when playing a Japanese MMO.

Also when it comes to partying with friends, it’s as simple as moving to their block (or them coming to yours) and then adding them from your friends list.

And as for having to go to an NPC to do skill tree stuff, it indeed does mention it in a little tutorial window pop up. I’m not sure if you skip over these because they can contain a lot of info for a new player, but taking the time to read these things will familiarize you with the game pretty quickly.

And I’m really not sure what the whole thing about needing to go to different NPCs for different client orders and all that is about. I would not want to get every client order from and turn them back in to one NPC. I like that every NPC has a specific role and it’s more immersive for me. It doesn’t just give me everything upfront and hold my hand. It feels like I’ve accomplished more when I go up to the title NPC and see all the fun things I can claim.

But hey this is all just me. I’m enjoying the game because it’s what I wanted and expected. If an easily overwhelmed person like me can get used to this, so can you. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Just don’t give up, it’s not nearly as bad once you play for a day or two.

@Bippzy Honestly,it doesn't matter how much you rationalize every points he made. He's just going to dismiss it all as if you said nothing,because he is right.

There are definitely tricks to the game that might take you some time to learn about since they don't really come right out and say it. One of them being once you accept a mission/quest for a certain area, you can simply click an option in your menu that will show you related quests that you might be able to accomplish at the same time. You can also select these quest from the same option.

@Morgothryuzaki Maybe I’m just too hopelessly optimistic, haha. I just want people to enjoy the game as much as I am, and I know that the UI and systems can be overwhelming for some peeps.

@Bippzy The UI and the systems will be overwhelming towards beginners for sure. But that's basically MMORPG 101.

Keep in mind this is a Japanese game. They typically run a little bit different than the MMOs we get here, when it comes to UI, menus, convenience things, etc.

@Morgothryuzaki Oh yeah, 100%. But Japanese MMOs are definitely a step above most western ones, at least the ones post-early-2000s. OG EverQuest will always be the bane of my MMO existence. But that was a different time, and this game is from a different time as well. The sooner people realize that, the better.