Outside looking in

I hope this reaches the Devs somehow. What I want to let them know is simple. I had every intention of playing this game on PC until I heard it was exclusive to the Windows store. As an IT professional (10+ years) and avid gamer I keep bloated programs that aren’t optimized, and run poorly off my PC. The Windows Store is one of them. There are services that run useless XBOX apps that should all be turned off for a more stable gaming experience, In addition, updating Windows to its most current version (security patches aside) will constantly create issues for you in gaming as Microsoft likes to roll out annual “Feature” updates that are untested in the wild and only ever cause more problems than they’re worth. The original PSO was my first MMO on the Dreamcast as a 13-14 year old kid 20 years ago. I was beyond excited to jump right back into this world. Please, for all of us around NA that won’t buy into another poorly built launcher, release your own or put PSO2 on Steam. We will not play your game otherwise. I promise you the Windows Store will be a failed gaming launcher in less than 3 years time, you will end up migrating off their platform anyways. Please, give us something playable. I wouldn’t even attempt installing it based on everything I am seeing and reading.

To the community. This is my first here, whatever you can do to help ❤

I really hope that MS give up and make a new age windows xp again

The simple fact that MS gives itself permissions overwritting your own as an admin isn't acceptable....

I'm no IT guy,I have a fairly decent amount of knowledge and I self-teach myself in this domain. What i can say for sure is that this is extremely shady and feels to me like MS wants to control what you can and cannot do on your own PC. I had to wipe out my entire HDD to uninstall PSO2 last night... This has made me very cautious and I won't be buying games from that store ever from now on. I am only bearing with PSO2 because its fucking PSO2. However I do hope we can migrate from this shitty store front.

@Morgothryuzaki like most all of Microsoft’s attempts at gaining any sort of market share (in this case the PC gaming launcher market) it will crash and burn, and will be abandoned within a few years time. However before someone over there finally realizes it’s never going to happen, it will be plagued with nothing but problems, crappy patches, and constant excuses as to why an update is causing issues, but it will all stem from their launcher and Windows 10’s poor integration of bloated XBox services that run in the background.

@AddUltra Pretty much. Microsoft may be pioneer in some things,but in a lot of other stuff,they just cannot compete. This is one of the latter cases sadly.