[Solved] Sub Pallet swapping [Solved]

Am I crazy? But I don't see an option in the controller options that tells me what to push.

If you want to change your subpallete you first press down on the D-Pad and then press Left on the D-Pad while you are in the first window that pops up.

Excellent, thanks!

Long time PSU player, but the beta was my first look at PSO 2.

I noticed there are multiple subpalettes, how do you switch between them during combat? All of the explanations I see involve keyboards and not Xbox controllers.

@Rzarcasm Thank you for replying so quickly.

@i48TonsOfSlaves 👊 No problem, maybe they should outline this somehow when the game becomes available to everyone. You aren't the first and won't be the last that wonders how to do this.