Players invisible at a humongous short range even at max settings?

What's this? In JP ver I could see people from like 6 cells away, here if they move one cell away they're gone, invisible.

Is this so the game can run on inferior xbox?

you tried this?

set simple render to 5 or 6 in the launcher settings.

and Unbenanntwwww.png

Yeah, I mean outside in the field, I'm playing with a friend and like 3 steps away we dissapear from each other screens at max settings.

We're not running toasters either.

Yep, it's an issue that's been bugging me real bad.

I'd be standing pretty close to a mob and could see damage numbers pop up but no one is near said mob. Really grinds my gears

I'm pretty sure it's an xbox limitation tool... Once again, PC is handicapped because of console plebs.