What class should I take if I want to be a good fighter?

I didn't even start playing this game and something that I really worry about is being good with my class, but I don't know what is a good combination to play figther, I'm at the class select and I don't know what to choose!

@AegisPyra TL:Dr version: First things first: What is the kind of weapon you want to use as your main? Let's start from there before making things a little more complicated.

You might have a better chance at the Fighter's Thread under the Class subforum, but if you're talking about in regards to your fighting style and what weapon you want to main, then you should probably know that not every class can use weapons skills meant for others without the other being a sub class. Basically for example: The Fighter Class main weapons are Fists, Knives, and Double Sabers/Swallows (Spears with two sharp ends), and if you try to use weapons like a Sword or Katana in a Fighter Class, you can't use their special attacks and most of the time can't even equip them without becoming a class that's meant to use these weapons. What's important is that you figure out what sort of weapon you want to mainly use first before figuring out the sub class that will make you better.

after you get to lv 20 make Hunter your sub class and you're golden