Pso2 has wrecked my computer.

your game has destroyed my hard drive. I can not even do a system restore on it and it says its becuse of your game. I cant even back anything up. I want my hard drive replaced .This is bull crap. I finally get your game to uninstall and im missing around 100 gigs of hard drive space. So i try to do a system restore and it will not allow me. I would like a gm to contact me via email. You have my email address tied to my account. I will provide proof this game wrecked a brand hard drive in a 3 month old gaming computer.

If its a full drive issue, there are some post that explains how to delete completely the game.

@Shrynne its wont work and i cant do a system restore i thought my image was attached its not. I want a gm to contact my email i will prove proof

I too have had the same experience.... I only recently found out this game munched all my SSD space.

i want a gm to email me i will provide proof

This game installs under hidden files too... They at least owe us a fix to remove the software.

@Talamis1 i cant restore my computer it wint let me i have the error ss on my phonei tried 4 times to restore

This is malicious software and im pretty sure there are some laws being broken here.

System restore failed to replace file winapp/pos2_bin/microsoftgame.config

Files wont delete and i cant restore my computer

Nah,it ain't malicious software. That I can personally confirm. However what IS shady is how the Microsoft Store takes precedence over our own admin rights,thus making us have to do extra work to be able to delete these files. This isn't SEGA's fault,its Microsoft's fault.