I know this issue has been posted before, but every thread of it ends up becoming about how to remove the installation and free up drive space, so I wanted to stick with just the main topic. I managed to download and install the game (first try because I just did it last night) and run it. Played for an hour or two, then logged out and shutdown the computer. I booted the computer this morning and clicking the Play from Windows Store, clicking the icon from the Start menu, etc. doesn't seem to do anything. A few notes:

  1. I did try to repair the installation, but it just seems to keep spinning (about 15 min before I closed the Settings window).
  2. Some people mention the PSO2 Tweaker and while that does get further, after GameGuard it shows the black Window and then never hows anything else, so i don't think they have a foolproof solution, either.

Is there a solution to get the game to run after it starts doing this that does not involve redownloading the entire game? If not then this (NA) game is completely unplayable for Windows 10. Maybe that's why when I logged in last night the servers were all showing Normal instead of Congested. People can only play the game once before it is unplayable.