Resolution issue

All of my other xbox one games fit on my screen with no issue but for some reason pso2 extends itself past my tv so a lot of information is cut off. Please please fix this before the game releases. Maybe add a setting to adjust the safe zone? I'm not a game dev so I dont know but please help.

I have this problem to, but when you first start up the game there is an option to change the window size to make it smaller. This should help you see things a little better if you make them smaller.

@SmallKyler Yes please. I kept getting notification about the location of items in a dungeon, but the location of what room you were in was cut off on my 65 inch HDTV screen. I couldnot merely use a smaller TV setting as I have trouble seeing and hearing and so much use large TV font and format sizes. However without a ssafe zone, I cannot set the visible screen to my liking.