Game launcher will not open, game cannot be uninstalled/reset/repaired.

What it says on the tin. After digging through the windowsapps folder due to an alleged fix to lobby hitching, PSO2's launcher refused to open. After restarting and even doing a repair/upgrade install of windows 10, it just is completely unresponsive.

  • Attempting to repair/reset/uninstall through advanced app settings yielded no results.
  • Attempting to uninstall through basic apps & settings yielded no results.
  • Attempting to uninstall through the right click menu of the start menu yielded no results.
  • Attempting to return the folders to their default ownership settings (this window) succeeded in resetting the folder security settings, but yielded nothing in terms of effect on PSO2.

As well, PSO2's start menu icon appears to be in a state of "updating", if I understand the mystic and chaotic language of microsoft's terrible UI. I was playing the game just fine yesterday and prior to this. Image below.

alt text

(Yes I still have AIO vendor bloatware sue me)

As stated before, I have recently run a repair installation on my OS as microsoft support's website advised. I'm at a complete loss as the usual "just reinstall it" doesn't even apply here, short of wiping my entire hard drive and starting from a fresh OS.

EDIT: this has not affected any other windows 10 store application as far as I'm aware, as EarTrumpet functions perfectly fine.

I just had this same issue. I think it's safe to assume it's not fixed yet.

I'm in the same boat, for the second time. Last time I went through and deleted everything folder by folder skipping all the files that I was unable to remove, restarted, and was able to reinstall. I'm not doing this again. I want so badly to love this game, but this is ridiculous. It's been such a long wait for those of us in the West, and this is what we're getting?

I just want to fall in love with PSO again, but damn they're determined to make me give up, and I'm certainly not putting any money into a game I can't even consistently open.