Crossplay in the US?

Hey everyone! Glad to finally see our beloved PSO2 officially localized and having a blast.

I was wondering if anyone have seen any word in regards to crossplay in the US. I know in Japan they had crossplay between everything basically (PC/PS4/PSV/Switch/etc.), and didn't know if the US version will be receiving a similar treatment. I'm mainly concerned with PC/Steam being able to play with those who are playing on Xbox, since I will be playing on PC and have a lot of friends who will be getting the Xbox One version.

Thank you for your time!

The E3 xbox conference trailer said so and they have stated it on twitter iirc.

Ah, okay. I was just a bit worried because PSO2 will also be on Steam. So I guess it will run Xbox Live through Steam then? This was my main question, but I didn't word it correctly.

@Fate0fTheFall3n Steam is not officially confirmed but mentions of it was found in the manual of the dev site. As for what account system they will use for PC and possibly steam nobody knows but chances are it will be a version of the JP SEGA ID system. That way it may avoid possible conflict while launching on PS4 / Switch.

Has cross platform progress been confirmed? Made it to level 50 on the xbox beta and would love to carry that progress over to the PC release.