Not receiving AC?

I don't know what's going on but I tried every option possible, I went to the microsoft store to purchase AC still haven't received anything in game. I went to the xbox app to purchase AC, still haven't received it in game. I went to the Vis, nothing there it's been 3 days and I haven't heard anything from my ticket.

Super bad... Im in the same situation.... Still nothing ingame!! 20$ USD!

@Unradelic I spent $5 on AC just to buy a new mag, then after waiting a day I haven't received anything. I tried another $5 on AC but this time I did it on the xbox app instead of the Microsoft store on PC the same result happen. I waited another day thinking maybe the $5 one doesn't work, so this time I did a $1 one thinking I would keep doing 100 AC to 500 but that didn't work. I still have no reply to my ticket after I sent two of them!

Idk if I will ever buy future in game currency after this issue is resolved. I just want to buy a new mag...

@XX damn, this is really bad!

supposedly your microsoft account and your xbox account can be different, make sure you're store is logged into the same account you used to sign up to pso2, or you're sending it to an account that hasnt even touched the game

@SPLATULATED I only have one Microsoft account. I've even check throughly and made sure. I also used the xbox app to purchase AC on the same account.