Error: 34 No.140

It's the second time that I try to download pso2 during the download appears this message and the download stops. asd.PNG

The best tips i can provide you is to install the PSO2 Tweaker and to update the game via that specific launcher. In fact just follow the step and it will do everything for you, BUT DO NOT update the tweaker. Let it stay at or it will mess with the exe. file. After that, launch the game via the Window Store and it should work just fine. Wishing you good luck :)!

I did but now appears one other error qwq badsa.PNG and i've re-installed this 3 times qwq

Did you launch the troubleshooting with the Tweaker? "NEW METHOD"?

I mean I didn't owo

I did it right now the download it's working! THANKS A LOT! I'll write here again when it's done and if won't be any problem thanks ❤

I'm having this problem too, but my tweaker is already updated to I'm unsure how to revert it back to a previous version? I already tried reinstalling.

Making sure the tweaker is up-to-date is your best bet, I wouldn't try to revert it @Pheonic2429 Try "new method" of troubleshooting files, then if needed go down the list of the top-right hand corner options... there's 3. I believe it's something like check .exe, check gameguard, and check permissions. Make sure your computer is up to date, and just for safe measures, click the start button and click "restart" rather than shut down to restart your system, as windows 10 doesn't fully shut down when you click shut down.

I've done all of that 😧 - I've been trying to fix this for three days straight. I've also tried making sure windows defender doesnt block it, ive even done a factory reset (all though that was for different issues, too). Edited to add that each reinstall takes about 4 or 5 hours, so I'd rather not do that again unless I have to.