Can't install the game, nothing happens


I'm a French player.

Like everyone else, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of PSO2, and like many people, I can't play it.

There is an obligation to go through Windows Store which does not offer PSO2 in Europe. Ok, I found the tips which explains to change the region of the PC. I wanted to buy a premium version of the game, but i'm unable to make a payment because the origin of the settlement does not come from the United States ... So I was forced to choose the free version of the game. My computer is almost new (March 2020), Windows is up to date and in version 2004. I tried ALL the methods I found on the Internet, and absolutely nothing corrects my problem. When i choose to Install the game, nothing happens, whatever the path for installation. I used the system file cleaning utility, checked for malware, checked drivers, the computer is 100% clean.

Here is a link to a video of my problem. Has anyone ever had this difficulty? Is there a solution?

Hi, all Problems with the store and so on are from the Game it self after a statement from a Microsoft supporter this morning. All we can do is to wait for a Fix... whenever this will happen v.v guss another 8 years. Cant understand why there was never a BETA for PC so they had seen these issues befor launch.

The only solution i can see would be the following but guess no one of the higher ups is intrested in this. xD 1st. Visit 2. Create an Account (Name + PW) on their site 3. Download launcher after Acc. creation direkt from their site. 4. Install and start the game 5. Login into the game (acc. name + pw which was created on their site) and NO Store connection!!!

This could actually work cuz i tried it with an external Launcher from someone. I could launch, start and delete the game without issues. The only problem which prevents me from playing is this shit store connection v.v

Hello TbnExotia.

I wanted to follow your instructions, unfortunately the link to the site you provide is the same as that of this forum. You cannot create an account there, just identify yourself with a microsoft account. There is also nothing to download on this site which refers to the Microsoft Store.

This with these steps is a suggsetion to the Officials form the site. This could if they make it this way fix the game. Its not a solution atm.

Normal this is what every other gamesites use for their Game but nope here we need this store connection.

Has anyone encountered this problem or found a solution?> Even with powershell command, nothing come.

i talked to 5 diffrent ppl from microsoft and noone could fix it. Its all fault of the shit store. A statement from a co-worker from Microsoft this morning was "its a fault of the game it self and it hits not everybody its random " Lucky or unlucky.... but its obvious thats all fault by the shit store.