Ship 3 Alliance - R.M.F.D

Rangers M(ARK) For Death.

...or R.M.F.D for short, is a special ops unit of selected individual, which take on dangerous assignment that other people are not willing to do.

At least thats the goal, but the unit end up with a group of incompetent idiot that somehow just luck through everything with somehow overpowered secret innate powers. looking for new members! Its an alliance with the play at your own pace theme (4 hours a day, 12 hours a week even is still fine) which you can just join to chill and relax, . No rush, no requirement of any importance whatsoever. Other than the usual not being rude and all those basic stuff.

A JP Veteran and also SEA server player (which is a huge disappointment, damn you asiasoft). Currently just 2 member. (Which is also a neet and introvert.)


  • Chill and no rush play at your own pace alliance.

  • Not that active? Still cool.

  • ...Dunno what else.


  • If you want a big alliance with many benefit, this wont be for u. (Like, Upgrading the photon tree might take a year with the like of us.... or more..)

  • Not an elitist? (Is that a thing?)

Contact me for more info!

Ship 3 by the same name > LegaultCriez

Or my airhead officer > Maarifat (this dude doesnt sleep, he have no life)

Additional Fun Fact: Having "Rangers" in alliance/guild name is a theme carried over from other MMO I used to play back in the day. That being Dragon Nest (Dragon Rangers), Warframe (Ten 0 Rangers) So on and So forth. I carried it over for a former guild master that no longer play mmo long term cause of having a family and thats his priority 🙂

Additional info about playtime, I usually wakes up to play around 9PM PSO2 time. PST, was it? usually stays logged for more than 12 hours doing random things if not questing. That's my playtime since PC release, at least. On SEA time, its basically afternoon till late midnight.