[Ship 3] - Clawsome, the Classy Nighttime Alliance, Wants You! [Discord] [Active][Semi-Casual]

TL;DR version:

  • Excellent Photon Tree buffs
  • Discord (PC and Xbone friendly, chatting not required!)
  • Maturity - NO drama or elitism =D
  • Easy to find a group (UQ, CQ, dailies, etc.)
  • Active, helpful players
  • Leader who cares
  • Semi-casual (New and engame players welcome)
  • PSO1 veterans and PSO2 Lovers
  • Active all day, but most during evening/overnight/morning (EU friendly)

For a quick invite, please contact me in-game to join. I only check the forum once in a while. If I am asleep, leave me a message via kudos or apply via the Visiphone - and I will invite you ASAP.

Your friends are also welcome. =D

More details below:

alt text

alt text

Welcome! I'm a PSO1 veteran and the leader of Clawsome, a friendly, semi-casual alliance on Ship 3.

We have well-upgraded Alliance Quarters, Storage, and Discord! We share info and screenshots even if you don't like to chat!

All are welcome - including new players - but especially encouraged are:

  • Really chill, fun-loving people!
  • PC Players!
  • Late night / Early Morning players!
  • English Speakers!
  • Premium Players (Let's trade)!
  • PSO2 Casino Addicts!

Major focus is on having FUN and enjoying all aspects of the game at one's own pace, while sharing and building alliance benefits.

...Oh, and being classy and sharing memes.

We have a few more slots open - please message me in-game if you're interested (I'm pretty much always playing =P).


~Vezhris, Ship 3

P.S. - We are the original Block 77 Alliance... Founded on PC release day!

It seems like everyone followed us here... Hmmm... rubs chin

We have a few slots open if you still need an alliance! =D

Let me know if you still need an alliance! =P

Hi, I am currently looking for an alliance on Ship 3. I started playing on PC launch but have played previous versions of PSO1 and many other online games. I am on the east coast of US play time. I am usually on around 6-7 every day. I will try and look you up tonight when I get home from work and maybe we can talk.

Looking for more active players!

Hello Vezhris, I saw ur post a few days ago, I'm leader from another alli on ship3, Dragon Tea, we are also on Block - 77! Hope that we can do a few UQs together haha! If you are interested we could share discords! Would be nice to have a big group!

I will certainly keep that in mind. =D

Looking for long-term players!

Still have slots open! =P

Looking for more members! Looking for you!

Daily bump =P

Nighttime/Morning/EU Members wanted!

For fun and profit =P

Pre-maintenance bump lol

We still have room for you!