[Ship 3] - Clawsome, the Classiest Ship 3 Alliance, Wants You! [Active][Discord][Semi-Casual][All Welcome][Worldwide and LBGT Friendly][PSO1/2 Vets]

We are currently very close to capacity and only considering applicants who are active players, willing to use Discord (voice not required), and willing to read and understand the post below AND our guidelines on Discord. If this applies to you, you are welcome to contact me, and I will onboard you as soon as possible.

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Welcome! I'm a PSO veteran and the leader of Clawsome, a friendly, semi-casual, global Alliance on Ship 3 - founded on and active since NA PC release day (May 27th, 2020)! We are always looking for chill, fun-loving players to join our team!

Our major focus is on TEAM PLAY, having FUN, and enjoying all aspects of the game - while sharing and building Alliance benefits.

On our Discord, you will find us sharing class and gear info, guides, screenshots, current events/campaigns, and more!

...Oh, and being classy and sharing memes.

We ARE looking for players who are:

  • Generally able to log in multiple times per week
  • Gameplay-focused, active, TEAM players (if you aren't a TEAM player, look elsewhere, please.)
  • Willing to play primarily on the Alliance Block and group/communicate with others. (You do not need to be a "social butterfly")
  • Willing to support the Alliance environment. We strive for an environment that is harassment-free and welcoming/friendly to players of all backgrounds (Worldwide, LBGT-friendly, etc.)
  • Looking to group together to share resources, information, and a great time!
  • Interested in playing primarily in New Genesis.

We are NOT looking for players who are:

  • 'Solo' or self-centered, putting themselves or non-Alliance players before the rest of the Alliance.
  • Rude, elitist, or overly lewd (NO NSFW - if you are playing this game for public lewd behavior, text, or symbol arts, this Alliance is NOT for you)
  • Overly casual or heavy-RP-focused (If you want to roleplay more than fight, it's probably not a good fit)
  • "Hardcore" grinding/efficiency focused (Efficiency is great, but courtesy comes first)
  • Playing actively on another ship.
  • Only looking to play for a few days when there's brand new content (if being at the level cap on one class means there's "nothing left to do," this Alliance is NOT for you)

More Alliance features:

  • Semi-casual (New and experienced players welcome)
  • Currently very active during all dayparts
  • Fully-featured Discord, including pingable roles for group-forming (Joining is required, voice is OPTIONAL)
  • Maturity - NO drama or elitism - Welcoming to players of all backgrounds and skill levels
  • Over 90 Active, helpful players (breaks OK when communicated)
  • Easy to find a group for any kind of gameplay
  • Leadership that values member input and feedback! ~wink~
  • Many players who are veterans of the Phantasy Star series
  • AM and PM events - including full MPAs, casino night, quest triggers, and more!
  • Active all day/night (NA/EU/Asia/Aus friendly!)
  • We love fashion - we even have a regularly-scheduled fashion show!
  • Team-ups with our "sister" Alliance on block
  • Ranked in Alliance and Challenge Quest rankings (PSO2 Classic)
  • Completely maxed out Photon Tree buffs and Alliance Storage (PSO2 Classic)!

We usually have spots available for active team players and their friends - please contact us IN-GAME if you're interested, and I or one of my officers will invite you ASAP (apply via Visphone or whisper/kudos me - please keep in mind the game isn't smart enough to tell you when someone is offline).

We are also open to welcoming smaller alliances to join our ranks (depending on available space). Please contact me in-game directly for details.

Please note that we are NOT interested in merging INTO other alliances.


~Vezhris, Ship 3, Block 47

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We have a few slots open if you still need an alliance! =D

Let me know if you still need an alliance! =P

Hi, I am currently looking for an alliance on Ship 3. I started playing on PC launch but have played previous versions of PSO1 and many other online games. I am on the east coast of US play time. I am usually on around 6-7 every day. I will try and look you up tonight when I get home from work and maybe we can talk.

Looking for more active players!

Hello Vezhris, I saw ur post a few days ago, I'm leader from another alli on ship3, Dragon Tea, we are also on Block - 77! Hope that we can do a few UQs together haha! If you are interested we could share discords! Would be nice to have a big group!

I will certainly keep that in mind. =D

Looking for long-term players!

Still have slots open! =P

Looking for more members! Looking for you!

Daily bump =P

Nighttime/Morning/EU Members wanted!

For fun and profit =P

Pre-maintenance bump lol

We still have room for you!