Possible Black Screen with Sega Audio fix?

Firstly you will need to go into the ARKS LAYER's team's discord for this fix to possibly work, as a user by the name "Aida Enna" has 2 files that may be required to be downloaded.

The below is what I did, and for some reason I can play again, as it no longer black screens at the start.

  1. I followed Aida's idea to check the 3 files below are in -> C drive -> Programfiles -> ModifiableWindowsApps-> PSO2_Bin-> data->Win32

--File 1: pso2_bin\data\win32\a6ae3210159ae4083c1e9adb99e21a82 --File 2: pso2_bin\data\win32\7f2368d207e104e8ed6086959b742c75 --File 3: pso2_bin\data\win32\009bfec69b04a34576012d50e3417771

(Please note: 1stly I did the BOT's auto response regarding how to fix the black screen error, i.e I actioned file check & downloaded Divx9, and restarted computer, but this didn't resolve it for me.but perhaps the file check step using the tweaker helped?)

So after completing the file check using tweaker, downloading and installing Divx9 and rebooting my computer. IT still came up with a black screen. So I then looked for the 3 files above that Aida asked to look for.

I did so, and found that I only had 1 of the files, which was the one ending in 71 I belive.

I re-downloaded the file ending in 75 and pasted it in the PSO2_BIN -> Data -> WIn32 folder. (If you search Discord using the search bar in the top right, you can see Aida posted 2 files to download, dowload them and paste them in if your data\win32 folder is missing them.

But for the last file that ended in 82 I was unable to re-acquire, since Aida hadn't posted that one. And even now it looks to be missing from my data -> WIn32 folder even though my game runs again, so perhaps it isn't necessary.

From here I went to the Microsoft Store using the Microsoft store App which can be found using your window's search function. -- at the Microsfot store I signed out by clicking my profile on the top right, then re-logged into the same Microsoft acct that I am using to play PSO2.

I also logged out of the Xbox game bar app, and xbox companion app then re-signed in.

(Please note. When I logged out of the Microsoft store, for some reason an underlined down arrow popped up in the top right corner of the microsoft store indicating downloads were available.

Clicking this lead me to see that "XBOX IDENTITY PROVIDER" app could now be downloaded so I hit install for that one.)

After install of that app was completed, in the Microsoft store I searched up PSO2, hit the Play button on the left hand side of the store and the Regular PSO2 launcher loaded up.

The PSO2 Launcher (Not tweaker) went and did a file check for me again that took approximately ~1.5hours. Once it said "Download complete"

I hit the big red play button (This is the PSO2 launcher, not Tweaker), and for whatever reason, it let me finally get past the Black screen and I can play again.

Hey VulturousBike04! Let me give my version of the troubleshooting i did! "Also yeah, it's a copy and paste from a post i made maybe 20min ago for someone who suffer from the same shit i, you and many others did. Oh btw i've linked your post to someone to try out to see if the second option could help him/her.

Hello Onyango! Just got your problem like 2 hours ago and finally found a way to fix it. The new version of the PSO2 Tweaker is actually broken. The moment you hit the version well you're killing the exe. file. What you need to do is to unistall PSO2 Tweaker, attempt to fix the game via the regular launcher "you might encounter an error in the end but don't worry" and launch the game. You'll meet a new problem, but you'll be half-way to the solution. The screen will stop to be black, but when you'll reach the login you might have either no trouble, or two problems. The one i've met was the screen remain blue after login in waiting for the HUD to load yet never arrive. What you'll have to do is to download again the PSO2 Tweaker and NOT UPDATE IT. Let it stay in the version. Now you will end up doing what i did. Just troubleshoot the game via the "NEW METHOD". It might take around 10-15 minutes. When it's done, do not touch the "START PSO2" logo, but head back to the microsoft store and just launch the game.

Program opened successfully! Version [OK!]
Updating resources...  Done!
Checking for PSO2 Updates... You have the latest NA version!
All done - System ready!
Downloading/installing NA-specific files (42MB), please wait...  Done!
Retrieving information from SEGA's North American patch server...  Success!
Please wait while the QUANTUM SYSTEM checks your local files...
Checked 92000/92178 (99.81%)...
Downloading/installing NA-specific files (42MB), please wait...  Done!
Copied to Clipboard: Output has been copied to the clipboard!

Wishing you good luck, i'll head back later to see if you made it just like i did. After installing it 4 times for me and straight up only 1 for my cousin, i wasn't gonna stop playing after a shitty bug lol.

This post is deleted!