Large Mob = Character Off Screen? [#ultrawideproblems?]

Using Jet boots, I'm finding that on large mobs, my character is like 4" over the top of my screen, which is really jarring. Is there a setting I'm missing where the camera will follow my character instead of stay on the ground floor while I'm in the penthouse?

The same thing happens on 16:9 so it's not an UW issue, there isn't a good solution other than getting really familiar with the reset camera keybind lol.

Yeah, I've noticed that too. It makes certain skills as a Bouncer very difficult. Timing things to get their secondary effects for skills is uhh... Lacking, to be honest.

lock-on will refocus to you, you can unlock right after, I got used to double tapping it

@Quicksilven That’s only useful sometimes, since when I am fighting something large it usually has multiple targetable areas and then I find myself going for the wrong part entirely.

This definitely is a problem but just toggle your camera a lil and it resets or drop yourself down then resume , best advice i can give..but i feel your pain that definitely is annoying

Yeah, I just wish you didn't need to do this.