Cannot change view back from TPS with keybind

If I have my Switch View button mapped to a key, it will go into TPS but it will not change back. I've tested it by mapping it to my mouse and it works, as well as a controller which is my only way of doing it if it is stuck. Is this a known issue or is there something that I'm not noticing?

constantly presses "Z" to switch in and out of over the shoulder mode.

Sorry, I'm one of the lucky people who don't have the problem. But I also have had no other problem besides the initial AC issue and client lag (fixed via the pso2launcher.exe swap workaround on reddit.)

Its because you didnt also set up the controls for TPS mode, it has its own key binds in the top tab of keyboard stuff.

@Vashzaron Oh my goodness I feel like a dummy, thank you!